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Being Yourself, Going Big, Gut Instinct.


Rachel Khona-writer and entrepreneur- has had a passion for words since she was a child. Over the course of several jobs with large publishers and magazines, Rachel could easily see the monotony within the industry. After being broken up with via sticky note, Rachel felt inspired to take her writing skills and create them into something that represents her best: non-conventional greeting cards.

For Rachel, the biggest piece of advice she would give to any one with aspirations to start a business is to stay true to yourself. Despite people giving her wrong advice or doubting her product, Rachel knew that nobody else could believe in her dream more than herself. She bravely took control of her business by cutting out things that were not working for her, allowing for her to spend more time doing tasks that highlight her strengths.  It was her boldness and loyalty to herself that has allowed for her to not only have a successful business online, but also sell her products in well-known stores, like Urban Outfitters, nationwide.

Join host Kawan and guest Rachel Khona on this episode of ValueVerse as they discuss the significance for entrepreneurs to be themselves but most importantly, trust their gut instincts!


“Follow your own gut instincts, just because something has been done before, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it.” (9:10-9:14)

“You need to rest in order to get the ideas and get the creativity.” (18:08-18:10)

“You gotta have chutzpah to light it up.” (21:31-21:32) 


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