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Welcome back to another episode of the ValueVerse podcast stories of life and work. Tomorrow morning on Tuesday, August 17th at 6 am PST, I’m going to have a guest by the name of Josh Elledge. 

Big episode to listen to everyone, don’t miss this one, there’s a lot of takeaways here. This guy has had massive success in the business world, building seven-figure businesses, having a family with a lot of inspiration and energy here.  


We talked about giving and sharing their journey and story. Understand: the most important power you’ll have is your story and character. No one can be a better you, than you. What’s your story? What’s your journey?


Your call to action: Find out what makes you, you. What are the things that drive you? What are the next steps you can take to realize what it is you want? In short: what is your motivation and where do you derive your meaning from? 


Every great endeavor starts with a single step. All these masters and professionals you see and hear of were all beginners. They all had failures and harsh realities. 


What differentiated them was a combination of: 

  1. Action- Constantly taking action and creating forward momentum.
  2. Adaptability- Being able to adapt quickly to situations that are always changing. 
  3. Vision- Never losing sight of who they wanted to be and the feeling they would get if they got there. 
  4. Hard work- Putting in the necessary hours and most importantly taking joy in doing so.
  5. Mentors- They all had people that helped them with knowledge, guidance, and reassurance. 
  6. Lifelong learners- A constant desire to learn, become better and improve daily. 


Make sure you check out the show notes, I’m going to leave some book recommendations that helped me and that you’ll get some takeaways from. 

Listen to Josh Elledge Tuesday 8/17 at 6 am Pacific Time. If you enjoy the ValueVerse podcast, subscribe to the show, it really helps and I’ll be releasing content every week to help you take it to the next level. 


Josh Elledge Links

Twitter: @joshelledge




Developmental Books: 

  1. The Slight Edge- Jeff Olson
  2. Tribe of Mentors- Tim Ferris 
  3. Mans Search for Meaning- Viktor Frankl
  4. How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie 
  5. Ego is the Enemy- Ryan Holiday

Business Books

  1. The 4 Hour Workweek- Tim Ferris
  2. Your Next Five Moves- Patrick Bet David
  3. Anything You Want- Derek Sivers
  4. The Ride of a Lifetime- Robert Iger
  5. Principles- Ray Dalio

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