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Ego and Blind Spots

ValueVerse host Kawan talks about blind spots and highlights the book Principles by Ray Dalio where the author refers to the Ego barrier and the Blind spot barrier. Understanding and recognizing them can open up your horizons in life, business, decision making and planning. These are some of the benefits of having business partners, spouses, or friends that can help provide different perspectives, thus leading to better outcomes. This excerpt is from the book Principles by Ray Dalio. I highly recommend it. 
Blind spots can cause limitations, lack of information, progress and who knows, something that could be a game changer if you were exposed to the knowledge beforehand. Eliminating blind spots is key to unveiling truths, strategy and other areas you want to open your mind to. Thank you for listening and hope that you make the most of your weekend, I hope it’s a great one and that you enjoy it. Listen every Tuesday and Friday at 8am pacific time. If you like what you hear please hit that subscribe button and kindly consider leaving a 5 star review.


Also click the link in the show notes to download the free PDF on the 3 things I learned in helping my business partners Dan and David open a business from the ground up. All credit goes to them, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. These are things I picked up along the way, and I’ll be adding more free content as we go! Please enjoy.


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