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Failures, Strengths and Triumphs


A true jack of all trades, Josh Wilson has just about done it all. From wrestling alligators, fighting fires, delivering babies, to running successful businesses, Josh wants to be known the most for being a man of faith and devoting his life to humanity. On the third episode of ValueVerse, Josh Wilson discusses something most people dread talking about: failures.

For Josh, he has learned the most valuable lessons from his failures; without them, he would not have found his success. A couple of unsuccessful businesses and a recession left Josh unable to provide for his growing family and contemplating whether he could keep on with life. Completely down and out on himself, Josh reluctantly accepted a job that did not fulfill his mission. His entrepreneurial spirit is not a force to be reckoned with and he soon accepted what he was truly meant for.  Josh grasped how essential it was for him to stay true to himself and his belief systems.

However, Josh knows the most important aspect of his success lies in the relationships he has with others. Stacking his team with people who are not “yes men”, tell him the truth, and bring their own strengths, has been the ultimate key to his success.

Tune in to episode three of ValueVerse for an honest conversation regarding the difficult realities most entrepreneurs face. Host Kawan and guest Josh Wilson discuss in detail how failures can be converted to triumphs.  


“To break through, I had to be broken to the point where I couldn’t pick myself back up.” (07:46-07:52)

“I’d rather have truth than a pat on the back.” (12:26-12:28) 

“If it doesn’t line with my mission or who I am, I got to start saying no and start removing those things from my life.” (15:27-15:33)

“Discover your superpower, run with it, surround yourself with people who are not like you and can do things that you can’t do.” (25:05-25:15)


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