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Faith and Love


Growing up as a model, Christine Handy was heavily attached to the material world. It wasn’t until she battled through health issues, including breast cancer, that she realized her looks weren’t everything. With her life completely turning upside down, Christine spent the years she was sick learning who she was on the inside, transforming herself from being selfish to selfless. Christine is adamant that the love from her support system and her faith are what brought her out of the darkest days of her life. 

According to Christine, people make decisions in three ways: with compassion, malice, or out of ego. One of the biggest transformations Christine made in her life was learning how to react to everyday things with compassion. By doing so, her life has been filled with so much joy and appreciation. 

Tune in to this week’s episode of ValueVerse to hear more about Christine’s journey and learn how you can change your life with a little love and faith. 


“It really makes a difference what we tell ourselves, what other people tell us, and what we listen to.” (08:05-08:09) 

“How I feel matters more than what I do.” (14:49-14:51) 

“We react all day to people you have to ask yourself, “am I reacting out of compassion… ego- which is pride. Is our pride wounded? Or malice. Are we going to get back at somebody? If you can think about that each day, and throughout your day, over time your decisions change so dramatically and you start to make decisions all out of compassion and all out of love.” (18:23- 18:53) 


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