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Kristina Mcinnis, PDX & LA Blogger, got her start in influencing as a joke back when Instagram was home to the “picture perfect” lifestyle. Wanting to appeal to the non-traditional influencer, Kristina has found her true calling speaking to those that are not a size 2 billionaires. In this week’s episode, your host Kawan and Kristina dive deep into what it took for her to develop and monetize her online presence. 

Kristina says the two most important things for any aspiring influencer are to create a clear and concise brand, and to define your “why.” Knowing your “why” will help you stay on track on the days you don’t know what you are doing and having your brand will set you apart from all the others. Once you have the foundation of your image established, Kristina says you must find ways to hold yourself accountable or else you won’t see the results that you want. If you want to work with your favorite brands on a full time basis then you need to put in the time laying the groundwork.

Tune in for this week’s episode of ValueVerse to hear tips and tricks from social media guru, Kristina Mcinnis, on how to say f*ck it to build your confidence and online presence! 


“No one else is going to give you what you want in life. You have to create it.” (03:27- 03:29)

“The more platforms you have, the more you can pitch yourself. It’s good to diversify yourself because then you have so many more opportunities to make money.” (08:27-08:39) 

“Anything is attainable. Anything you want to do, you can do it. It’s just putting in the time and holding yourself accountable.” (17:31- 17:38) 


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