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Flexibility and Adaptability


Oumar Dieng, speaker and coach, knows better than most on how to be resilient. After his home was attacked and destroyed, and he was separated from his family, Oumar traveled through refugee camps to make his way to safety in America. Not knowing how to speak any English, Oumar defied all odds and found success as an entrepreneur in his new home. In episode one of ValueVerse, Oumar shares his life story and gives suggestions on how to be resilient in all aspects of life. 

While Oumar and Kawan discuss many factors, for Oumar, the key to resilience is in the ability to be flexible. Without it, Oumar would never have survived the chaos of his early life. Once he settled in America, Oumar quickly realized the true power of flexibility. Not only was he able to overcome the biggest challenges in his personal life but being flexible allowed him to dominate in the business world as well.

Tune in to the premier episode of ValueVerse to hear how Oumar Dieng found success despite all odds. He will share tips with listeners on how to harness the power of resilience and positive thinking in order to shed limiting beliefs in both everyday life and in business.   


“Life is testing us every single day and based on how we react and adapt to those challenges we become more resilient, and we become stronger” (5:36- 5:47)

“Whatever challenge you’re facing right now, understand that the way you deal with that challenge will determine whether you crumble or attack the challenge and feel better about your personal abilities” (7:25-7:43)

“Sometimes it takes a shift in mindset, for not only your personal life, but for your business to explode” (23:23-23:30)

“In terms of avoiding mistakes, start small rather than going big and making a huge mistake that you can’t afford to make” (28:14-28:24)


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