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Freedom and Choices

From a young age, Kimberly Spencer, owner of Crownyourself, was introduced to limiting beliefs that impacted the way she thought about herself. She found herself in a cycle of blaming others for her past to the point where her past was owning her life. When Kimberly decided to shift her mindset and realize that the past happened for her and not to her, her life really took a turn for the best. She is now passionate about coaching other entrepreneurs to do the same. Tune in to this week’s episode of ValueVerse to hear how you can let go of your past and find freedom in your choices. 


“You go into those formative stages the first 3-5 years of being in business and if you don’t have values, as far as what your company stands for and what your company stands against, that passion dwindles when you’re faced with challenges.” (10:50-11:09)  
“Because blame is not moving you forward, it won’t move you forward. It will keep you stuck in that past story.” (13:25- 13:35)
You can have your story own you, or you can own your story. And you owning your story is your choosing to create that new story.” (16:20- 16:30)


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Also click the link in the show notes to download the free PDF on the 3 things I learned in helping my business partners Dan and David open a business from the ground up. All credit goes to them, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. These are things I picked up along the way, and I’ll be adding more free content as we go! Please enjoy.


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