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“Even when change is logically positive, it’s emotionally scary” says Mark Graban, seasoned author, speaker and coach. In this episode of ValueVerse, Kawan and Mark talk about the impact that incremental change can have on the success of a business.

Mark says that one of the biggest mistakes that companies make is creating an environment of blame. When people are afraid to be blamed, there is more room for mistakes. Instead of punishing and condemning employees for their mishaps, Mark says a company needs to focus on three main things: problem solving, leadership and culture.

Business leaders often want to see big change and growth in their businesses that most of the time they overlook small details. Mark wants people to recognize that it is the small changes that add up overtime to create large growth, not the other way around.

This week on ValueVerse, you will be given advice on how to grow your business and find continuous success by using the small things.


“Blaming individuals for problems that are clearly systemic in nature, that doesn’t drive improvement.” (05:53- 6:00)

“React less, lead better, improve more.” (08:05- 08:09)

“Even when a change is logically positive, it’s emotionally scary.” (18: 47- 18:52)


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