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Leadership Systems, Love and Fear


“It’s almost criminal that anybody would be embarrassed by who they work for,” says Dan Edds, managing consultant and author of Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership . A conversation with an employee embarrassed to work for her company triggered Dan to pursue his passion: improving  senior leadership. In this episode of ValueVerse guest, Daniel Edds takes listeners through his journey of discovering the keys to a successful work environment by examining how high performing companies approach the concept of leadership.

For Dan, he compares leadership to DNA, both of which are networks of systems unique to each person or place. High producing work environments all have one thing in common: solid leadership at the top level. It is simply not possible to create a sustainable workforce based out of fear.  

Whether you are a four-star general in the military, a CEO of a hospital, or an elementary school principal, it doesn’t really matter. Dan tells Kawan anybody can create work-place excellence by using their leadership properly; all it takes is starting with a singular idea to cultivate cultural DNA.

Tune in to episode five of ValueVerse to hear guest Dan Edds explain the necessary components of a happy workplace and how you and your company can design your own DNA to give everyone the best opportunity to be successful. 


“Its almost criminal that anybody would be embarrassed by who they work for.” (03:10-03:18)

“The key ingredient to organizational excellence and long-term performance comes down to leadership.” (05:36-05:41)

“A system always..always produces more than the sum of its parts.” (14:17-14:21) 

“Every organization can design their own DNA that gives them the very best opportunity to be successful.” (14:50 -14:59)

“If you have a system, you can coach anybody to the requirements of that system; in doing so you ensure their success.” (29:35- 29:43)


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