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Minimize Regret

Welcome back to another episode of the valueverse podcast. Growing up you had big dreams and aspirations of things you wanted to do, items you wanted to cross off your list, and the big things you wanted to achieve for your friends and family.


You look at your life now and most of those things happened and some didn’t. At the time, it was for all the right reasons. Looking back, maybe you feel a little regret settle in. Thinking you could have been a bit bolder in asking for a raise or taking a chance on that business venture.


In a world that’s changing, the only strategy guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. Sometimes you risk more by not taking any risks and playing it safe.


Your call to action: Think back and ask yourself “What were some risks I avoided that felt scary at the time but would be in my best interest today if I had acted on them?” Make decisions in the now that will minimize your regret in the future moving forward. Don’t put off necessary things that will advance you in your life, be it financial, health-related, or risk-related.


A helpful tool is to use the regret minimization framework- Ask yourself: “In X amount of years will I regret not doing this?” If the answer is yes, do it. If it is no, don’t bother. This was popularized by Jeff Bezos in building Amazon.


Tomorrow’s guest is Travis Bell, author of My Bucketlist Blueprint and founder of the Certified Bucket List coach program. #tickitB4ukickit As Trav and I talked we went over the framework and process of My Bucket List:


M – Meet A Personal Hero

Y – Your Proud Achievements

B – Buy That Something Special

U – Ultimate Challenges

C – Conquer a Fear

K – Kind Acts for Others

E – Express Yourself

T – Take Lessons

L – Leave A Legacy

I – Idiotic Stuff

S – Satisfy A Curiosity

T – Travel Adventures


Thank you for listening to the ValueVerse podcast. The episode will go live tomorrow morning at 6am Pacific time. Have a great week ahead.


Trav Bell



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