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As an entrepreneur, Graham Brown, hadn’t taken a day off in over 13 years. He had spent all of his time and money working to keep his businesses moving to meet societal expectations. Eventually, Graham got to the point where he recognized that material things did not benefit his individual happiness. This realization persuaded him to sell off his company and the majority of his material things to begin a new adventure and rewrite his story. 

Living out of only 3 suitcases for 4 years, Graham began to see what truly made him happy. It wasn’t all of the cars, or the 50 employees, or the fancy office space that made him feel successful. In fact, the material things only became liabilities. Limiting aspects of his life that he felt pressured to do, opened up space for Graham to master his own story.

Tune into this week’s episode of ValueVerse to hear more about Graham’s journey. Learn why owning less stuff will bring you more success, how to say no to grow, and how to master your storytelling so others can understand you and your business! 


“The average person spends 60-70% of their income on a car to drive to work to earn the money to buy a car.”  (07:52-08:02) 
“Nobody can tell you what success is or should be and that’s important. Because too many of us are sleepwalking through life absorbing what the idea of success is from advertising, or preachers, or friends and that makes us unhappy.” (10:21- 10:40) 
“I think a key to growth is when you can turn things down and say no.” (21:37- 21:39) 
“Your ability to  tell stories is directly related to the outcomes you have in business.” (30:15- 30:21)


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