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With 14 published books available in 20 languages and over 2 million people reached, Randy Gage is a successful Author and Critical Thinker who is passionate about helping others reinvent their lives to achieve the best versions of themselves.

Life has not always been easy for Randy. He spent some time in jail as a teenager, he had several failed business attempts, and he was consistently finding himself in the same bad situations. It wasn’t until Randy stopped letting himself fall victim to his own limiting beliefs that he began to see any change. He forced himself to question the core parts of his life so that he could consciously and mindfully decide what he believed for himself, and not what other people had told him. By doing so, Randy was able to take accountability for his past mistakes and redirect his life. He has since then reinvented himself several times. 

Tune into this week’s episode of ValueVerse to hear more about Randy Gage’s story. Learn how Randy released himself from a victim mindset, how to challenge the core foundations of your life, and how you can reinvent yourself to be whoever you want to be no matter where you are in life. You will even get an insight to what Randy’s latest book, Radical Rebirth,  is all about- which you can purchase using the link below! 


“Sometimes you’re so desperate to believe something that you believe it, and if you believe it, it’s true, it comes true.” (03:31- 03:38) 
“If you think today the way you thought 20 years ago, you just wasted two decades of your life.” (13:54-14:00)
“It’s important to have a congruent philosophy to live by.” (29:01-29:06)


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