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What new things are you learning now? The guests I have on this week approach their crafts like experts. Are you honing a skill or craft that you’ve been working on for a while? John Maxwell said “Credibility is a leader’s currency. With it, he or she is solvent; without it, he or she is bankrupt.”


I’m sure you’ve heard of the ten thousand hour rule, repetition, deliberate practice, the importance of vision and goals. If you build a skill you’re always going to be set up to win. Without it, you’ll have nothing to fall back on.


There are many ways of becoming a pro. Below are the top ways to get there with some takeaways.


  1. Skill Correlation- most people go on to learn only one skill while neglecting a host of others. The tricky part is, that most skills correlate with the learning of others.

For example: A boxer doesn’t just learn how to hit. A boxer learns how to jump rope to learn hand/foot coordination, speed-bag work to learn hand-eye coordination amongst many others.


Your takeaway: Make sure you’re learning transferable skills that correlate with what you’re doing. The payoff can be a multi-service offering and people want to pay companies that can take care of one or more of their needs. So long as it is in line with the service offering and credible. An example of this would be a contractor who is also an electrician.


My message to you is to master two skills that correlate and become a jack of all trades on others. After all, a “Jack of all trades is a master of none, but better than a master of one.” He or she that knows a little about a lot will be able to add value in many different areas. 


Make your money and continuously pick up new skills and become a person of high credibility, become irreplaceable.


I have two guests this week, who have built their influence and credibility in their fields. The host of the podcast The Struggle is Real with Justin Peters. Justin hosts a great show and I really enjoy the episodes. He puts in a ton of research on each guest to put out some quality content. Justin and I share a lot in common, and we can talk for hours on growth, learning, and meaningful work. I was fortunate enough to be on the podcast with Justin, one of the best podcasts I’ve been on and I left a link in the show notes. Check out the podcast if you haven’t already.


Leadership communication and influence expert, Dr. Laura Sicola. Laura has spent over 20 years coaching, training, and speaking on topics such as leadership and public speaking. She has a podcast Speaking to Influence which I listened to that originally caught my attention. She has some great guests and is a great host. Her book Speaking to Influence: Mastering your leadership voice. This book shows you how small changes can make a huge difference.


Thank you for listening to the ValueVerse podcast. We’ll be undergoing a repurpose and name change soon. Same good stories and even more takeaways and better formatting for your listening pleasure.


Check out my episode on The Struggle is Real with Justin Peters!


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