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Update: The weekly up level will start on Mondays at 6am Pacific Time now instead of Fridays. The regular Tuesday episode will be on Tuesdays at 6am they’ll both be ready by the time you are up with your cup of coffee, or morning routine. Kawan is addicted to adding value to your life and decided to add the Wednesday panel/or bonus episodes that will be launched every other Wednesday at 4pm pacific time. Based on the feedback, we’ll move from every other Wednesday to every Wednesday moving forward. Don’t forget the Tuesday episode with Randy Gage, you won’t want to miss this one as we get into the things that matter on why your Rebirth and Reinvention is waiting for you, now. Let me know what you all think by joining the Facebook group the ValueVerse community where I plan on adding more value to you. (link below) Thank you for your support!

This episode goes over the importance of 

  1. Self analyses: What it means to know yourself and how to explore that even more, with takeaways and action items to complete. Complete the self assessment by clicking the link below on Simon’s website.
  2. Ditch the chaos: Simplify, Strategize, Systemize.
  3. The future of business, the shift in economy and why having a coach can lead to better results in an Information Age. 
  4. Vision, setting a clear destination in business and life and staying laser focused on it.
  5. The difference between a leader and a manager and how that applies to your business. 

With business coaches Simon Meadows and Harlan Hammack. There’s a ton of value in this episode covering a wide variety of topics with action items and takeaways.

Self Assessment

Harlan Hammack iB4e Coaching

Join the ValueVerse Community Facebook group to get even more value and information by clicking the link below. Click the link in the show notes to download the free PDF on the 3 things I learned in helping my business partners Dan and David open a business from the ground up. All credit goes to them, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. These are things I picked up along the way, and I’ll be adding more free content as we go! Please enjoy.

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