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Lindsey McCoy, co-founder of Plaine Products, is passionate about reducing human waste. After working in the Bahamas and seeing the visual effects of plastic, she was inspired to move back to the US and approach entrepreneurship in a sustainable way.

 Together, Lindsey and her sister have created Plaine Products, a company that offers refillable bath and body care products. With aluminum bottles, Lindsey’s products are able to ditch plastic all together. Over time, Plaine Products has saved over 250,000 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill!

 In an industry that is relatively new and ever changing, Lindsey has learned that it is okay to not be perfect, as there is always room to be better. Humbling herself has allowed for her business to grow and expand in ways she never thought it would.

 On this week’s episode of ValueVerse, host Kawan and guest Lindsey, discuss how sustainability in business has room for not only the planet, but people and profit, too. 


“Every piece of plastic that’s ever been made is still on this planet.” (01:59- 02:03) 

“I have a real distaste for waste and for being inefficient.” (08:56-08:59)

“The goal is to work on your business, not in your business.” (21:30-21:32) 


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