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The Future of Taxes


Tax season is upon us and Host Kawan brings in a special guest just in time.  Julio Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of ETS- Engineered Tax Services, discusses the value that a good accountant can bring to your business.

After many years helping Fortune 500 companies reach their goals, Julio wanted to bring that level of tax sophistication to small businesses. His expertise has helped generate over a million dollars of tax credits to business owners during the COVID crisis alone. These small businesses have been able to keep their employees paid and their doors open. Julio shares one key to success that companies like Amazon and Microsoft have: tax credits. There are so many ways to generate more wealth for your small business on the federal, state, and local level and nearly all entrepreneurs don’t take advantage of them!

Most small business owners are under the misconception that hiring an accountant is an expense. Julio says this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Knowing the numbers is one of the most critical pieces of operating a profitable business; hiring a good accountant is the wisest investment you can make for your growing business. 

Tune in to this episode of ValueVerse for Julio’s expert advice on how numbers can help you preserve the wealth you have worked so hard to build. 


“Accounting can be an investment. If you get a good accounting team or a good accountant, they’ll produce 10x the expense in return.  (04:28-04:37)

I know so many entrepreneurs that have amazing ideas and do so well, but if they knew their numbers and the accounting and tax side of it, they would be a lot further ahead.” (07:42-07:52)

“Don’t think of accounting as an expense, think of it as an investment.” (08:07-08:11)

“Do some research, find a good accountant and you can preserve some of that wealth.” (21:13-21:15)


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