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Time, People, and Goals


As an introvert, Samantha Yardley-internationally published fitness author, finds comfort in using written words to evoke her emotions. On this episode of ValueVerse, Samantha shares with Kawan that the most important role in her success is being time conscious.

For Samantha, she tries to “actively be a little selfish.” After all, she is the only person who can truly look out for herself. As a former “yes” person, Samantha found herself wasting a lot of time and money trying to be liked by others. By putting herself at the top of her priority list, she has been able to take control of her life and overcome her fears while freeing herself from the worry of what others may think of her.

Knowing she only has this one life to live, Samantha is purposeful about what she does with her time and who she spends it with. She has found triumph in surrounding herself around people who stand for the same ideas she does.

Tune in to this episode of ValueVerse to hear Samantha Yardley share the importance of the use of time and people in order to crush your goals!


“I always try to allow my biggest fear to be regret, and not the fear of failure or being judged.” (05:08-05:13)

“You need to overcome the feelings of panic that don’t actually mean anything at all.” (09:34-09:38)

“Why do tomorrow what you can do today.” (11:41-11:43)

“If you stand for something it is going to align you with people who are on the same level and who you want to be spending your time with.” (19:02-19:09)

“Don’t be afraid to be disliked, It doesn’t really matter. It’s just an opinion, it doesn’t affect your life.” (20:19-20:24)


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