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Transformation, Individuality and Inner Voice


As a performer since birth, Helen Blondel, talented American singer, and professional belly dancer knows the importance of individuality among creatives. In this episode of ValueVerse Helen shares with listeners how she used this year to reconnect with her true self.

“Never lose sight of your individuality” has been Helen’s main takeaway this year. With extended time off from her corporate job due to the pandemic, Helen realized how much she had lost touch with her true passions. Creating content she thought would appease her followers was no longer working for her. Taking time to reflect made Helen realize how precious life is and has reconnected her with love for herself and what she loves to do.

For her, Helen says taking time out of her day to do something she enjoys has been the best change she has implemented in her daily routine.

Tune in to hear Helen’s perspective of the importance of individuality and learn how you can use your passions to leverage your own happiness.


“Never lose sight of your individuality” (05:44-05:47)

“We cannot be happy doing something if we are not being ourselves.” (07:22-07:26)

“Just because I am working in a full-time position for another company doesn’t mean that I have to give up what I am passionate about.” (16:41-16:49)

“There’s really no use in forcing yourself to come up with an idea because that idea won’t feel organic.” (21:14-21:22)


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