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Transitions and Fitness


Michelle Cohen, Personal Trainer and Coach never dreamed she would be in the fitness industry. Growing up Michelle never played sports and she had been working most of her adult life in marketing for the travel industry. After taking a personal training and nutrition course, Michelle was immediately hooked and began her transition into the fitness world full time. Although it was not easy transitioning into something completely new, Michelle remained persistent. She now happily coaches many people into living life well.

Michelle says that her most successful clients all have one thing in common: their commitment to a lifestyle change. Everyone is different and requires different things, but Michelle knows that anybody can lead a healthy lifestyle if they choose to.

On this week’s episode of ValueVerse, Host Kawan and special guest Michelle Cohen discuss the process of transitioning not only in the fitness world, but in business and personal development too.  


“Everyone is so different, and everyone is motivated by something else. And the way you train each person is totally different.” (04:28- 04:36)

“As soon as we are sleep deprived, we reach out for the wrong foods. Anything to keep us alive and awake and energy, and so you start to binge on the chocolate, the bread, and all the bad things.” (18:13- 18:26)

“If I fail in something, and I truly believe in it, then I keep going.. I don’t give up.” (20:22- 20:25) 

“The more you fail, the stronger you get and the more chances you get of reaching the goal you’re searching for.” (20:30- 20:41) 


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