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We all struggle with staying consistent in our goals, especially those related to health and fitness. But what if the key to staying consistent in your goals was through tending to your health fitness?


In this episode, we speak with Brandon Eastman and Allison Jackson on how their fitness journey has ultimately helped shape their personal and professional careers to flourish.


Tune in to this week’s episode of ValueVerse as Kawan, Brandon, and Allison talk about being finding their ‘why’, holistic approaches to health and fitness, and overcoming distractions of the mind.


“Focusing on my fitness has helped to improve every area of my life. It has helped me to get out of debt, improved my professional work, and every other area of my life. It’s what has lead me to where I’m at today and helped me to support other people’s fitness journey to improve their lives.”


Brandon Eastman


Allison Jackson


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