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Vulnerability & Improvement


After sustaining an injury that left him out of work for 500 days, Jerry Lund, 30-year first responder veteran and host of the Enduring Badge Podcast, contemplated taking his own life. After imagining his dad’s voice telling him it is not his time to go, he knew it wasn’t just his body that was broken, it was his mind too.  

 For Jerry, this experience made him passionate about self-improvement. He makes sure he puts something positive into his life every single day through meditation and working out. After years of neglecting his mental health, Jerry realized that for him to do his job best, he needs to be both physically and mentally fit.

 For those interested in pursuing a career in first responding or law enforcement, Jerry says you must take care of your demons first because it is vital to be of sound mind. He explains the difference between confidence and ego and suggests that confidence is the key to remaining safe on the job.  

 Tune in to this week’s episode of ValueVerse as Kawan and Jerry talk about the importance of self-improvement and vulnerability through tough times. Jerry reminds listeners that we need hardships to truly gain appreciation for our lives.  


“If you handicap yourself mentally or physically, then you don’t have the life you really want.” (08:03- 08:07)

“Life is happening for me. Life is not happening to me.” (08:35-08:37)

“If you don’t have bumps in the road, how are you going to appreciate the things that are really great in your life?” (08:48-08:53)


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