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You'll Never Change


In his 20’s Nate Duke, author of You’ll Never Change, found himself at rock bottom. After battling a crippling drug and gambling addiction he had lost everything: his business, his friends, and now his freedom. After stealing a car and being sentenced to six months in jail, Nate finally realized he could change his life for the better. Ever since then, Nate has got his life back on track and helps coach others to do the same, 

Nate said that the biggest part of changing his life was learning how to forgive himself. For his entire life, Nate had an unhealthy relationship with himself. Not having any trust or belief in himself is what caused him to make the decisions he was making.. It wasn’t until after he had hard and truthful conversations with himself did he let himself out of the mental prison he put himself in and start the healing process. While Nate has control over his life now, it took a long time of consistent effort to get to where he is. 

Nate wants listeners to know that change is transferable and you can change any aspect of your life that you want. A big part of that change is the practice of gratitude. Not only does it make us feel that what we have is enough, it helps us realize that we are enough. 

If you are struggling or want to change any aspect of your life, this episode is for you. Tune in to this week’s episode of ValueVerse for an honest and safe conversation surrounding struggle and change. Remember, no matter where you are in life, you have the capability to choose the direction you want to go. 



“What started as a weekend party experience turned into a full blown drug addiction.” (02:38-02:42) 
“What feels good in the moment, isn’t actually good for our future.” (03:06-03:09) 
“You can’t take business money and use it for personal investments, that’s called embezzlement.” (04:56- 5:00) 
“When you find yourself in the wrong place with the wrong headspace, you never know what is possible.”  (07:01- 07:06) 
“Who I was, is not who I am today. And just because I’ve made some mistakes, or you’ve made mistakes, it doesn’t mean you are one. You are not your past decisions, you are not your past choice. Today you have the opportunity, the choice, to make new decisions and ultimately change your life.” (12:16- 12:34) AUDIOGRAM


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